Retainer Program

Priority access:
Our retainer program clients receive priority access to our production and project management team. By leveraging our project management platforms, we collaborate with our clients on relative priorities and deadlines on deliverables.

Relationship building:
Designed to foster a long-term relationship between us and our client, our retainer program enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s brand, specific needs, preferences, and goals, resulting in more tailored and effective deliverables.

Proactive support:
We take a proactive approach in project management and communication by regularly reviewing and assessing our client’s priority deliverables. We provide ongoing advice, identify potential issues or opportunities, and offer strategic guidance to help the client achieve their objectives.

Our proven process, designed to achieve your marketing goals

Research ⇢

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competition, enabling us to develop strategies that will effectively set you apart in the market.

Discover ⇢

We evaluate your current branding and collateral to ensure alignment with your target audience, helping you effectively connect with and engage your desired demographic.

Develop ⇢

We collaborate closely with you to synchronize the priorities and timeline of deliverables, ensuring seamless coordination and timely project completion.


We craft captivating visuals and compelling content that resonates with your target audience, effectively capturing their attention and delivering your message with impact.

Extenxion retainer program advantages

Capturing the Essence of Your Brand

Dedicated to delivering unparalleled brand representation, our approach begins with meticulous research into your brand, history, and industry for every new client we engage. Each member of our accomplished team serves as an authentic extension of your brand, allowing us to develop captivating content and materials that encapsulate your unique essence. Our commitment is so strong that even our colleagues often mistake our dedication for ownership of our clients' businesses.

A Scalable Talent-On-Demand Team

extenxion’s team expands and contracts to suit each project, or as we see it, creative mission. So, we always have top-notch team members on the ready. Whether it's fueling your ongoing marketing initiatives or gearing up for remarkable endeavors like grand openings, product launches, or special events, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Reduced, Predictable Marketing Costs

Experience reduced and predictable marketing costs with extenxion, your trusted external marketing team. We specialize in optimizing your budget while delivering outstanding creative initiatives and timely deliverables. By aligning our strategies with your working budget, we ensure cost predictability and savings throughout our partnership. As we take charge of your marketing endeavors, we eliminate employee downtime, training expenses, and operational costs, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Additional services available through our retainer program

Customer Intelligence

Social Media Strategy, Content Development, and Platform Management: We analyze which social media platforms will achieve the most momentum and ROI for your brand. Our sophisticated solutions enable you to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple online and offline channels.

External Project Management

Achieve project success with our streamlined external project management services. Our experienced project managers ensure meticulous planning, execution, and monitoring for on-time delivery and optimal resource allocation. We offer tailored services, from planning to risk management, allowing you to focus on core competencies while leveraging our expertise. Experience seamless collaboration, communication, and outstanding results. Let us handle complexities for streamlined project execution and success.

Virtual Assistants

Experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency with our virtual assistant services. Our highly skilled and dedicated team seamlessly integrates into your workflow, managing tasks such as email, scheduling, research, and customer support. Delegate responsibilities confidently, freeing up time for strategic initiatives. Trust us for outstanding results, confidentiality, and adaptability. Elevate productivity with our reliable services.

Let’s build your brand together!