Maximizing Productivity with Hive: Unlocking the Potential of Project Management Tools

Project Management platforms, such as Hive, have increasingly risen in popularity for teams of all sizes. These tools have proven especially invaluable for teams working remotely, like team moxie! Jennie Azoulai, our chief moxie officer, is a Hive ambassador, and she has put Hive to the test, using it for many of our internal and client projects, of myriad varieties. Hive boasts many user-friendly features which enhance productivity and also serve to excite the “organization nerd” in all of us!

We use project management tools as it enables us to keep our projects organized and on track deadline-wise. These tools allow you to collaborate on tasks, track the progress of those tasks, work closely in real-time with those involved in the project, and keep track of deadlines. And, you can assign tasks to specific, to boot.

This makes it easy to know who is responsible for what, and how the project is progressing. In Hive you can also add notes, images and files to each task, making collaboration and communication between team members much more efficient. Hive also offers individual time tracking, which further enables team leaders to understand and later evaluate the relative efficiency of a given project.

Hive also provides helpful analytics that can show you how much time one has spent on each task, the progress of projects, and how successful your team has met deadlines. This allows users to adjust their processes to ensure they will achieve their objectives. Hive also offers project templates to help teams create projects and action cards quickly and easily, with pre-filled categories and tasks for teams to get a jumpstart.

With its simple and intuitive interface, and continually adding new features, Hive has understandably garnered the attention of many team leaders. Jennie Azoulai gravitated towards the Hive platform for project management tracking for many reasons, including its nimble UI – which enables team members to swiftly learn the software. In particular, she favors the Status View Layout, for its visual simplicity and its drag and drop maneuverability. Also, Hive has excellent reporting on project time tracking, and progress; ergo, team moxie can focus more on producing deliverables and less on worrying about manually keeping track of time, projects and tasks.

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